Davis School District Building Generations Bond 2022

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Bond Arguments

The following arguments regarding Official Ballot Proposition for the Davis School District, Utah Special Bond Election November 8, 2022  are posted in compliance with Utah State Code 59-1-1604(6)(b).


The Davis School District Board of Education recognizes the opportunity and obligation to provide each student with a quality educational experience. Indeed, the success of any community is directly linked to its children’s education including appropriate facilities, modern technology, current security features, outstanding teaching, and exceptional learning environments.

Davis School District is the second largest district in the state with over 72,000 students. Student enrollment is accelerating in parts of the district creating the need for additional buildings. The need to renovate and/or replace our older buildings is a priority of the Board of Education and parents.

As parents have expressed concern for the safety of their children while at school, the district has responded by creating this innovative and ambitious facility-improvement plan that concurrently addresses projected student-enrollment growth and the security and seismic issues of aging buildings. This bond includes a new junior high school and elementary school. It includes a rebuild of Sunset Junior High School and Bountiful Elementary School. Major remodels will be completed at Bountiful High School, Clearfield High School, Layton High School, Kaysville Junior High School, Clinton Elementary, Vae View Elementary, and Burton Elementary. We will also continue our security upgrades, air conditioning program, replacement of energy systems, technology infrastructure, waterlines, restroom upgrades, waterlines, and several other necessary facility upgrades.

The last District bond, approved by voters in 2015, included new schools: Farmington High School, Shoreline Junior High School, and Sunburst Elementary; rebuilt schools: West Bountiful Elementary and South Clearfield Elementary; and major remodels: Mountain High School, Mueller Park Junior High, Viewmont High School, and Woods Cross High School, in addition to many other facility improvements throughout the district.

Bonding is the least expensive way available to the district to complete the large capital projects needed to meet our students’ educational needs. The district will spread the projects out over a five-year window which will allow us to accomplish these projects without a tax rate increase. This forward-thinking measure also advances the community’s expressed desire for aesthetically pleasing and modern schools, not only to deliver a technology-driven, 21st century education to the district’s 72,000 students, but also to provide welcoming and accessible workplaces for teachers, principals, custodians, aides, and other support staff members. Proceeds from the bond will go only toward the construction or renovation of Davis District schools.

The Davis School District Board of Education appreciates devoted community members and district staff who have worked tirelessly to analyze needs and to assist in setting priorities for the proposed bond. November 8, 2022 will be your opportunity to support students now and for years to come by voting “YES” to support the Davis School District Bond.

Submitted by the Board of Education of Davis School District, Utah


(No Opposing Argument was Submitted)


The District shall conduct a public meeting on October 4, 2022, beginning at the hour of 6:00 p.m. at 45 E. State Street, Farmington, Utah. The purpose of the meeting is to hear arguments for and against the issuance of the Bonds.