Davis School District Building Generations Bond 2022

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The Need: Address growth and repair and maintain existing infrastructure.
The Solution: A $475 million bond that will not increase the current tax rate.
The Results: The district completed 212 projects after voters approved its 2015 bond. 

The following individuals may be contacted regarding various aspects of the 2022 bond proposal.  

Board of Education  

President John S. Robison — jrobison@dsdmail.net 

Vice President Marie Stevenson — mstevenson@dsdmail.net 

Liz Mumford — emumford@dsdmail.net 

Julie Tanner — jutanner@dsdmail.net 

Brigit Gerrard — bgerrard@dsdmail.net 

Gordon Eckersley — geckersley@dsdmail.net 

Cheryl Phipps — cphipps@dsdmail.net 


District Representatives   

Superintendent Dr. Dan Linford — dlinford@dsdmail.net 

Business Administrator Craig Carter — ccarter@dsdmail.net  

Facilities Administration Administrator Gary Payne —  gpayne@dsdmail.net  

Finance Administrator Tim Leffel —  tleffel@dsdmail.net 

Budget/Planning Director Steve Snow — ssnow@dsdmail.net   

Community Relations Director Chris Williams — cwilliams@dsdmail.net